About the Scholarship

National Park College is proud to offer the National Park College Promise Scholarship to students who complete a two year program through the NPC Career Academy. The NPC Promise is a last dollar scholarship that covers 100 percent of the cost of tuition and fees after all other aid has been applied. It is renewable for two years at NPC.

The NPC Promise is a fall/spring last dollar scholarship that covers 100 percent of the cost of tuition and fees (excluding housing, meals, books, and direct fees for books) after all other aid has been applied.

This scholarship is available for up to four semesters at NPC if all the renewal criteria are met which include:  maintaining a 2.0 CGPA at NPC including all concurrent classes on the NPC transcript; and successfully (with a grade of D or better) completing 12 or more hours per term.

New for the 2023-24 year

The coverage of this scholarship was expanded to cover up to $250 per term or $500 per year of fees and/or books not covered by other financial aid.

Note: The NPC Promise scholarship can only help pay for books if fees are less than $250 per semester.

About NPC Career Academy

NPC Career Academy programs provide the opportunity for students to explore a career, learn valuable skills, gain industry certifications and earn college credits if eligible.

NPC Career Academy offers five different programs for junior and senior students from all of our area high schools, including: Automotive Service Technology, Health Science Technology Education, Machine Tool Technology, Pathway to Engineering, and Wood Technology.

Scholarship Criteria

To qualify for the NPC Promise scholarship a student has to be enrolled in the same NPC Career Academy program for both years and complete all necessary program requirements.

How to Apply

Students entering their junior year that want to attend NPC Career Academy can complete an application provided by their high school counselor. Upon graduation, students should complete the NPC scholarship application.


The following are some examples of what the promise scholarship will help with when paired with other financial aid.