Photo First Name Last Name Department Title Contact Bio
Aaron Cengiz Aaron Cengiz Communication & Arts Faculty
Abigail Saveall Abigail Saveall Accounting Fiscal Support Analyst
Adam Earhart Adam Earhart Math & Sciences Instructor
Alexandra Barnard Alexandra Barnard Math & Sciences Biology Faculty Mentor
Alexis Wilson Alexis Wilson Library Assistant Librarian
Alison Rush Alison Rush Talent Search Advisor/Curriculum Coordinator
Amanda Kruzel Amanda Kruzel Social Sciences Division Faculty
Amy Fincham Amy Fincham Bookstore Campus Store Manager
Amy Watson Amy Watson Institutional Research & Reporting Institutional Research Analyst
Amy Graves Amy Graves NPTC Faculty
Ana Rodriguez Ana Rodriguez Custodial Services Institutional Services Assistant
Andra Otwell Andra Otwell Nursing & Health Sciences Administrative Support Supervisor
Andrew Pennington Andrew Pennington Accounting Controller
Angela McJunkins Angela McJunkins Nursing & Health Sciences LPN Program Director
Aprile Garner Aprile Garner Math & Sciences Faculty
Arthur Wilson Arthur Wilson IT Department Network Administrator
Ashley Taylor Ashley Taylor Math & Sciences Faculty
Ashlyn Dugan Ashlyn Dugan Communication & Arts Faculty
Ashton Copaus Ashton Copaus Workforce Administrative Assistant
Autumn Wyatt Autumn Wyatt Student Affairs, Recruitment Head Softball Coach, Admissions Officer
Barry Ballard Barry Ballard Community & Corporate Training Workforce Specialist
Becky McAlister Becky McAlister Upward Bound Upward Bound Director
Beverly Joe Beverly Joe Board of Trustees Board of Trustees Member
Bill Freuck Bill Freuck Technical & Professional Division, Industrial Technology Faculty
Bill Ritter Bill Ritter Workforce Associate Vice President for Workforce
Bill Allison Bill Allison Community & Corporate Training Vice President for Workforce
Blake Butler Blake Butler Computer Services Vice President for Information Technology
Brad Hopper Brad Hopper Maintenance Director of Physical Plant & Maintenance
Brandon Massey Brandon Massey Student Affairs, Recruitment Admissions Representative
Brian Charles Brian Charles NPTC, Wood Technology Faculty
Brian Kroening Brian Kroening Accounting Assistant Controller
Brian Theroux Brian Theroux Learning Acceleration Division Faculty
Britt Turner Britt Turner Nursing & Health Sciences MLT Program Director
Burt Woodall Burt Woodall NPTC, Auto Service Technology Faculty
Candace Speers Terry Candace Speers Terry Business Division Computer Science Faculty
Candra Jennings Candra Jennings Human Resources Human Resources Generalist
Carla Kelley Carla Kelley Radiologic Technology, Clinical Radiology Radiologic Technology Program Director
Carol Gray Carol Gray Social Sciences Division Faculty
Carrie Walthall Carrie Walthall Business Division Instructor
Cathy Winn Cathy Winn Adult Education Instructor
Caysie Martin Caysie Martin Student Affairs, Recruitment Director of Admissions, Student Life Coordinator
Chasey Dibble Chasey Dibble Nursing & Health Sciences Simulation Lab Coordinator
Chris Coble Chris Coble Institutional Research & Reporting Director of Institutional Research
Christina Afeld Christina Afeld Student Affairs, Student Services Fiscal Support Specialist
Chuck Argo Chuck Argo Math & Sciences Dean of Math & Sciences
Chuck Burke Chuck Burke Math & Sciences Faculty
Cissy Ferguson Cissy Ferguson Talent Search, Upward Bound Fiscal Support Analyst
Claudia Lightner Claudia Lightner Adult Education Administrative Specialist III
Connie Poteet Connie Poteet HS Concurrent Coordinator Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator
Dale Powell Dale Powell NPTC Faculty
Darla Thurber Darla Thurber Student Affairs Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Darlene Gentles Darlene Gentles Math & Sciences Engineering Program Director
David Caldwell David Caldwell Custodial Services Maintenance Coordinator
David Carrouth David Carrouth NPTC Faculty
Debbie Ugbade Debbie Ugbade Adult Education Faculty
Debby Hunt Debby Hunt Nursing & Health Sciences HIT Program Director
Delmar Hunter Delmar Hunter Technical & Professional Division, Marine Faculty
Denise Ludlow Denise Ludlow Adult Education Instructor
Derick Buttrum Derick Buttrum Math & Sciences Assistant Lab Supervisor
Devron Dever Devron Dever Auto Service Technology, NPTC Faculty
Diane Meredith Diane Meredith Talent Search, ETS Program Director
Dianna Shibest Dianna Shibest Upward Bound Student Relations Coordinator
Diego Figueroa Diego Figueroa Athletics Head Soccer Coach
Dillon Hargrove Dillon Hargrove Student Affairs, Recruitment Head Men's Basketball Coach, Intramural Coordinator
Don Foshee Don Foshee Auto Service Technology, NPTC Faculty
Don Harris Don Harris Board of Trustees Board of Trustees Member
Donald Caudill Donald Caudill Child Care Aware Grants Coordinator
Donna Kay Donna Kay Online Learning Director of Instructional Learning & Development
Dorothy Norris Dorothy Norris Adult Education Instructor
Edward Burgess Edward Burgess NPTC, Pre-engineering Faculty
Ellen Smith Ellen Smith Nursing & Health Sciences Administrative Assistant III
Emily Davidson Emily Davidson Radiologic Technology, Clinical Radiology Clinical Instructor
Eric Boardway Eric Boardway IT Department Director of IT
Eve Victory Eve Victory Technical & Professional Division, Hospitality Program Faculty
Exzonda Ross Exzonda Ross Custodial Services Institutional Services Assistant
Faith Henson Faith Henson Student Support Services Assistant
Ferris Allen Ferris Allen Communication & Arts Music Faculty Mentor
Forrest Spicher Forrest Spicher Board of Trustees Chair of The Board of Trustees
Gail Carmon Gail Carmon Financial Aid Information Systems Analyst
Gary Scott Gary Scott Math & Sciences Faculty
Gayla Mattoon Gayla Mattoon Financial Aid Financial Aid Coordinator
George Maxey George Maxey Technical & Professional Division Adjunct Science Instructor
Gerry Griffin Gerry Griffin Maintenance Maintenance Assistant
Gina Marts Gina Marts Adult Education - Direct & Equitable Faculty
Greg Gilbert Greg Gilbert IT Department IT Support Analyst
Gwendolyn Carter Gwendolyn Carter Student Disability Services Faculty
Hannah Lammers Hannah Lammers Adult Education Fiscal Support Specialist
Haydee Perez Haydee Perez Adult Education Career Development Facilitator
Hope Mason Hope Mason Child Care Aware Program Coordinator - Events/Arts
Jacob Cook Jacob Cook EMS/Paramedic
Jacqueline Riley Jacqueline Riley Child Care Aware Program Coordinator
Jacynda Ammons Jacynda Ammons Math & Sciences Assistant Professor of Social Sciences
James Montgomery James Montgomery Social Sciences Division Faculty, Trapshooting Coach
Janet Smith Janet Smith Nursing & Health Sciences AD Program Director
Janetta Ritter Janetta Ritter Business Division Faculty
Janice Ivers Janice Ivers Nursing & Health Sciences Dean of Nursing & Health Sciences
Jason Armitage Jason Armitage Auto Service Technology Faculty, Head Cross Country Coach
Jason Collie Jason Collie Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty
Jason Martin Jason Martin Math & Sciences Biochemistry Faculty Mentor
Jason Chism Jason Chism Communication & Arts Faculty
Jaymes Doss Jaymes Doss Marketing & Public Relations Web Developer
Jeff Looper Jeff Looper Math & Sciences Lab Manager
Jeffrey Estright Jeffrey Estright Technical & Professional Division Welding Instructor
Jennifer Lyons Jennifer Lyons Business, Arts, & Technology Dean of Business, Arts, & Technology
Jennifer Seward Jennifer Seward Communication & Arts Graphic Design Faculty
Jennifer Massey Jennifer Massey Nursing & Health Sciences Director of Clinical Education Respiratory Care Program
Jennifer Ibarra-Reyes Jennifer Ibarra-Reyes Social Sciences Division Faculty
Jerry Thomas Jerry Thomas Academic Affairs Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jessica Ellis Jessica Ellis Finance & Administration Health & Safety Program Manager
Jessyca Maddox Jessyca Maddox Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty
Jill Houlihan Jill Houlihan Academic Affairs Academic & Curriculum Specialist
Jim Hale Jim Hale Board of Trustees Board of Trustees Member
Joel Rush Joel Rush Makerspace Program Specialist
Joey Vaughn Joey Vaughn Math & Sciences Faculty
John Day John Day Social Sciences Division Faculty
John Hogan John Hogan Office of The President President
John Tucker John Tucker Student Support Services Dean of Students
Jonathan Rucker Jonathan Rucker NPTC, Marine Repair Technology Marine Faculty
Josh Boyett Josh Boyett EMS/Paramedic EMS Program Director
Josh Holiman Josh Holiman Testing Center Testing Center Coordinator
Joshua Gil Joshua Gil Math & Science Assitant Professor of Biology and Molecular Biology
Joy Cantrell Joy Cantrell Financial Aid Financial Aid Analyst
Joy Tucker Joy Tucker NPTC Administrative Assistant
Joyce Craft Joyce Craft Board of Trustees Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Judy Throgmartin Judy Throgmartin Student Affairs, Recruitment Administrative Specialist II
Julian Post Julian Post Math & Sciences Engineering Faculty Mentor
Julie LaRue Julie LaRue Human Resources Human Resources Director
Karen Parker Karen Parker Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty
Katelynn Hardage Katelynn Hardage National Park University Center NPUC Transfer Coordinator
Katherine McCorkle Katherine McCorkle Business Office Fiscal Support Specialist
Kathryn Linch Kathryn Linch Child Care Aware Program Coordinator
Katina Ennis Katina Ennis Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty
Kay Monsey Kay Monsey Career Pathways Intake Coordinator
Kaye Foshee Kaye Foshee TRIO TRIO Advisor
Kelli Embry Kelli Embry Finance & Administration Vice President for Administration
Kelly Stringer Kelly Stringer Radiologic Technology, Radiology Faculty
Ken Walsh Ken Walsh Advanced Manufacturing Technology Institute Program Technical Manager
Kenita McKenzie Kenita McKenzie Student Support Services Veteran Affairs Coordinator
Kevin Tello Kevin Tello Athletics Head Soccer Coach
Kristin Quintanilla Kristin Quintanilla Library Assistant Librarian
Kristin Thompson Kristin Thompson Community & Corporate Training Continuing Education Specialist
Kurtis Markish Kurtis Markish Procurement Purchasing Specialist
Lana Taliaferro Lana Taliaferro Communication & Arts Art Faculty Mentor
Larry Benson Larry Benson IT Department Computer Lab Technician
LaTaschya Harris LaTaschya Harris Career Pathways Director
Latisa Beason Latisa Beason Procurement Agency Procurement Official
Lauren Walker Lauren Walker Student Support Services Academic Advisor
Lava Kadel Lava Kadel Math & Sciences Faculty
Leane Hardin Leane Hardin Accounting Accountant
Leigh Turner Leigh Turner Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty
Lindsey Vondenstein Lindsey Vondenstein Math & Sciences Education Program Faculty Mentor
Lisa Couch Lisa Couch Adult Education Academic Project Specialist
Lisa Hopper Lisa Hopper Financial Aid Dean of Student Financial Services
Lisa Walker Lisa Walker Student Tutoring Tutor Supervisor
Lynn Valetutti Lynn Valetutti Library Library Director
Malik McBride Malik McBride Upward Bound Curriculum Coordinator
Mandee Harper Mandee Harper Student Support Services Disablility Coordinator
Margaret White Margaret White Adult Education - Direct & Equitable Faculty
Mark Oliver Mark Oliver Marketing & Public Relations Sports Information Director
Matthias Elder Matthias Elder Talent Search Advisor
Megan Lindsey Megan Lindsey Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty
Melanie Jackson Melanie Jackson Child Care Aware Program Coordinator
Melissa Kennon Melissa Kennon Marketing & Public Relations Content Developer and Accessibility Analyst
Melony Martinez Melony Martinez Marketing & Public Relations Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Michael Bridges Michael Bridges NPTC, Pre-engineering Faculty
Michael Karr Michael Karr Workforce Makerspace Program Coordinator
Michelle Godwin Michelle Godwin Office of The President Executive Assistant To The President
Mike Bush Mike Bush Board of Trustees Board of Trustees Member
Mike Wiles Mike Wiles NPTC National Park Technology Center Director
Miki Smith Miki Smith Student Services Campus Nurse
Miles Morton Miles Morton Computer Services Information Systems Manager
Nancy Ingle Nancy Ingle Custodial Services Institutional Services Supervisor
Nannette Crane Nannette Crane Communication & Arts Faculty
Nathan Day Nathan Day Maintenance Maintenance Assistant
Nathan Ritter Nathan Ritter IT Department Network Support Analyst
Nicole Herndon Nicole Herndon Foundation Executive Director of Foundation
Orlando Rodriguez Orlando Rodriguez Custodial Services Institutional Services Assistant
Pam Castleberry Pam Castleberry Community & Corporate Training Apprenticeship Coordinator
Pamela Branch Pamela Branch Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty
Paul Lowe Paul Lowe Respiratory Therapy Respiratory Therapy Program Director
Paula Henderson Paula Henderson Student Tutoring Academic Tutor
Pertonela Giurgea Pertonela Giurgea Custodial Services Institutional Services Assistant
Pete Rognrud Pete Rognrud LMS LMS Administrator
Raymond Wright Raymond Wright Board of Trustees Board of Trustees Member
Reagan Mitchell Reagan Mitchell Nursing & Health Sciences Simulation Technician
Rebecca Wilson Rebecca Wilson NPTC Faculty
Rebecca Taormina Rebecca Taormina Math & Sciences Faculty
Rebekah Robinette Rebekah Robinette Math & Sciences Faculty
Residence Life Residence Life Residence Life
Rich Thompson Rich Thompson Student Affairs, Recruitment Athletic Director, Head Baseball Coach
Robert Feighl Robert Feighl Business Division Faculty
Robin Pelton Robin Pelton Advanced Manufacturing Technology Institute AMTI Director
Robyn Hendrix Robyn Hendrix Student Support Services SSS Program Coordinator
Rodney Ivers Rodney Ivers Business Division Computer Science Faculty Mentor
Rodney Manning Rodney Manning Maintenance Maintenance Assistant
Roger Fox Roger Fox Communication & Arts Associate Dean of Business, Arts, & Technology
Samantha Christian Samantha Christian Math & Sciences Associate Dean of Math & Sciences
Sara Caldwell Sara Caldwell Bookstore Retail Specialist
Sarah Day Sarah Day Foundation Foundation Coordinator
Sarah Overbey Sarah Overbey Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty
Scott Post Scott Post Registrar's Office Registrar
Sean Langan Sean Langan Custodial Services Institutional Services Assistant
Security Security Security Security
Shannon Oglesby Shannon Oglesby Adult Education Faculty
Sharon Sinclair Sharon Sinclair Registrar's Office Assistant Registrar
Sheri LaDuke Sheri LaDuke Social Sciences Division Faculty
Sheri Phillips Sheri Phillips Communication & Arts Faculty
Sheryl Strother Sheryl Strother NPTC Assistant Director
Stacey Armstrong Stacey Armstrong Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty
Stacy Gordon Stacy Gordon Business Office Fiscal Support Specialist
Stephanie Rizzo Stephanie Rizzo Student Support Services Student Affairs Generalist
Stephanie Warner Stephanie Warner Communication & Arts Instructor
Stephanie Wilson Stephanie Wilson NPTC Faculty
Stephen Carroll Stephen Carroll Computer Services Systems Manager, ERP Lead
Stephen Berry Stephen Berry Social Sciences Division Assistant Professor of Psychology
Susan Millerd Susan Millerd Student Support Services Intervention Specialist
Suzanne Hendrix Suzanne Hendrix Student Support Services SSS Program Coordinator
Tabatha Tuskey Tabatha Tuskey Arts & Sciences Division Administrative Support Supervisor
Tabatha King Tabatha King NPTC Faculty
Tamara Marthe Tamara Marthe Communication & Arts Faculty
Tena Brown Tena Brown Business Division Faculty
Terri Helms Terri Helms Child Care Aware Child Care Aware Program Director
Terry Bright Terry Bright Career Services Career Services Director
Thelma Guandique Thelma Guandique Custodial Services Maintenance Assistant
Thia Armstrong Thia Armstrong Residence Life Community Manager
Tikima Simpkins Tikima Simpkins Student Affairs, Recruitment Admissions Specialist
Tim Ward Tim Ward Bookstore Fiscal Support Analyst
Timothy Webb Timothy Webb Marketing & Public Relations Marketing Coordinator
TJ Griffith TJ Griffith Physical Education, Physical Conditioning Faculty
Trae Warner Trae Warner Math & Sciences Faculty
Trinity Van Dusen Trinity Van Dusen Online Learning D2L Student Support Specialist
Tusha Glapion Tusha Glapion Financial Aid Financial Aid Analyst
Tyler Mosby Tyler Mosby Residence Life Assistant Community Manager
Tylor Clark Tylor Clark IT Department IT Support Analyst
Uttar Shrestha Uttar Shrestha Math & Sciences Faculty
Valerie Lewis Valerie Lewis Foundation Foundation Accountant
Wade Derden Wade Derden Advancement Executive Vice President for Advancement and Government Relations
Zane Jeffers Zane Jeffers Business Division Faculty