Veteran Crisis Hotline

Call 1-800-273-8255 and dial 1 or chat confidentially online.

In-State Tuition Guarantee

NPC has removed the requirement that eligible individuals must enroll in a higher education course within three years of being discharged to receive in-state tuition. Now, all eligible VA education students will receive in-state tuition immediately upon enrollment. This decision is in compliance with the Johnny Isakson and David P. Roe, M.D. Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2020 (P.L. 116-315).

Principles of Excellence

The Obama administration established executive Order 13607, the Principles of Excellence, which became effective in 2012. This order offers veterans and dependents detailed educational costs. 

Learn more about how NPC strives to meet and exceed the eight Principles of Excellence

Apply for Benefits

1. Apply for Veteran Affairs Benefits
2. Complete NPC Veterans Benefits Certification Request

Contact Veteran affairs to schedule a time to complete the Veteran's Benefits Certification request. Email the Veteran Affairs coordinator at or call (501) 760-4151.

3. Apply to National Park College

Understand that only classes in chosen degree plan will be certified for Veteran Affair benefits. Apply online.

4. Apply for Financial Aid

Visit the FAFSA website to apply for financial aid at You will be prompted to create a FSA ID or use your existing FSA ID to complete the FAFSA Online

5. Contact NPC Veteran Affairs Center

Students should contact the VA representative in the Financial Aid Office once the application for benefits and registration for the college is completed. The Veterans Services Office will then issue a Verification of Enrollment (VA Form 22-1999) via VA ONCE to inform the VA that the student is enrolled at NPC and is requesting benefits payments.

Credit for Military Experience

National Park College accepts previous military experience for reliable college credit. Please submit a copy of any of the following:

Getting Your Benefits Started and Continuing Certification

Service members, veterans and their dependents seeking to use their VA benefits at National Park College should complete all the necessary paperwork for admission and financial aid, but should contact Veteran Affairs Coordinator, Shawna Oliver at, 501-760-4151 to enroll in classes. Individuals using Veterans Administration benefits are required to:

  1. Complete Veteran Affairs Certification Form (Located in the Veteran Affairs Center) each semester that you are wanting to use your benefits
  2. Notify Veteran Affairs Staff of any changes to enrollment or degree plan.
  3. Understand that only classes in chosen degree plan will be certified for Veteran Affairs benefits
  4. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) (2.0 GPA) to continue receiving benefits.

NPC Veteran Services

National Park College Veteran's Center is proud to offer:

  • Fresh coffee and snacks
  • Computer and internet lounge
  • Referral to State Rehabilitation Assistance Representative
  • Communication, Email updates and letter communications
  • Benefit updates and additions
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Veteran Affairs Benefit Support

Veteran Affairs Benefits By Chapter

Tuition Assistance

Important VA Education Tools

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