Student Loans

Applying for Student Loans (Federal Direct Loans)

Students interested in applying for a student loan must first complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application is available via the internet at or a paper copy is available through the Financial Aid Office at NPC or through your high school counselor.

After the Student's Financial Aid package is complete, the student's eligibility for a student loan can be determined.

Request an Unsubsidized Loan

Complete the loan request form to request an unsubsidized loan. Return the completed form to Gail Carmon in the financial aid office.

Loan Requirements

Once the loan has been offered and accepted in the Oasis account, students must complete the loan "To Do List" that is listed in the To Do section of their Oasis account:

Consumer Information

Know Who You Owe:

Loan Counseling:

Financial Literacy Resources:

Student Loan Consolidation Lenders: