National Park College graduates are competent in the skills they have trained for in our degree programs. We are so confident in the quality of our graduates, we guarantee it.

Our Transfer Guarantee

We value our partnerships with four-year colleges and universities. Transfer institutions can be confident that NPC graduates are proficient in the course objectives we teach. If a transfer institution finds that an NPC graduate lacks a specific skill after transferring with one of our degree or certificate programs, we will permit the student to retake those courses tuition free.

For more information about transfer opportunities for students, contact our Academic Affairs Office.

Our Employer Guarantee

We believe our employers are our customers too. We want our employers to be assured that hiring an NPC graduate is a solid investment. That is why we offer a skills guarantee. If you hire an NPC graduate that lacks a specific skill after completing one of our degree or certificate programs, we will retrain them tuition free.

For more information about hiring NPC graduates, contact our Career Services Office.

How It Works

We promise to address your concerns in a timely manner at no tuition cost to you or the graduate. Simply express your concerns in writing to our Academic Affairs Office, and then work with the graduate, our faculty and administrators to develop a retraining plan that identifies the specific course objectives needed, up to 15 credit hours.

  • The student must have completed the coursework beginning Fall 2015 or later.
  • The course work must have been originally completed at NPC.
  • The student will be permitted to retake courses only one time.
  • The request for retraining should be completed within two years after the student's completion of the degree.
  • NPC will waive tuition and fees for those courses identified in the retraining plan, but the student is responsible for any other costs associated with taking the course, including the cost of books, supplies, uniforms, transportation, testing and insurance.
  • In some instances, this guarantee may not be valid due to accreditation restrictions. When applicable, the student must pass licensure exams for health programs. This guarantee does not imply the graduate will pass any licensing or qualifying examination for a particular career.