What to Expect

The Academic Advisors are located on the second floor of the Gerald Fisher Campus Center in Student Services. An Academic Advisor can help you choose appropriate classes that fit your degree plan, advise you on academic decisions, and perform degree audits.

You must consult with an advisor when you first enroll in classes at NPC (see How to enroll) and at any time when decisions concerning registration (including adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes) are made. You can also meet with an advisor whenever you feel it is necessary throughout the semester.

If you are planning to transfer with an Associates of Arts (AA) degree, it is especially important to work with an Academic Advisor to ensure that as many courses as possible will transfer to your university degree program. It is helpful to bring the degree sheet where you want to transfer with you when you visit an Academic Advisor.

The advisors have been selected because they care about your well-being. They can be a key resource for you to ensure you are on the right track to be successful at NPC.

Advisors include:

Contact us at: 501-760-4232 or toll-free at 1-844-806-8752