The Lloyd's Second Chance Scholarship is available to students who need a second chance at earning an education. It is available thanks to the generosity of Lloyd's Auto Sales and National Park College. One scholarship for full tuition and fees will be awarded for the fall semester with the opportunity for renewal for up to two years. Applicants may also be considered for the non-traditional student scholarship up to $1000. Applications will open April 1 with a priority deadline of June 15.

Rules and Requirements

  • Student must achieve full time enrollment for this award. (minimum of 12 credit hours)
  • To maintain the scholarship, student must maintain a 2.5 GPA.
  • To maintain the scholarship, student must be seeking a degree in a program offered by NPC.
  • To be awarded this scholarship, student must be at least one year out of high school.
  • The scholarship is for the fall semester beginning in August with the opportunity for renewal for up to two years. One full tuition and fees scholarship is available, but others will be considered for the non-traditional student scholarship up to $1000. Applications will open April 1 with a priority deadline of June 15.
  • A National Park College Scholarship Committee will evaluate all applications and select the award based on NPC criteria. The decision of that committee is final. In the event the student selected declines the initial award for any reason, the committee may, at its discretion, select a back-up winner.
  • Information on the application will be used to contact the winner. US Stations, NPC and Lloyds will not be responsible for misinformation provided on the application. Information found to be misleading or untrue will be grounds to have the award revoked.
  • Award is for tuition and fees as described above only. There is NO CASH VALUE if this scholarship is not used as intended. Award cannot be transferred or redeemed for time periods other than as described.
  • Winner agrees to have their name used by NPC, Lloyd’s and US Stations in congratulatory messages for the purposes of promoting this program.
  • Winner will agree to sign a winner’s form stating their understanding of these rules/regulations.
  • Awardee must be a legal Arkansas resident, over the age of 18.

How to Apply

  • Complete an admissions application.
  • Attach a one-page, typed, personal essay describing your career objectives and financial need. Please reference Lloyd’s 2nd Chance Scholarship on your essay.
  • Apply for federal financial aid at
  • Attach a copy of all college transcripts.
  • Complete the Lloyd's Second Chance Scholarship Application.