Community & Friends

National Park College's Mission:  
"Learning is Our Focus; Student Success is Our Goal"

We aspire to be the premier comprehensive college in the state by providing learning for life opportunities while offering exemplary service to our community.

NPC's mission and vision statements indicate that we are focused on creating a better future for our students, our community, our partners, and our staff.  We hope to enrich the lives of everyone we work with.

There are many ways to connect with National Park College, and not just in the classroom. The NPC Foundation, along with your help, can create better futures for others by building relationships with individuals and businesses. Your support provides resources for student scholarships to enhance the classroom experience and build partnerships with the entire community.

We value the relationships with our Alumni and Friends and we invite you to stay in touch as you journey through life. Volunteer, mentor, and take advantage of the offerings for you as an alumnus. You are one of the greatest indications of NPC's successes.