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The New Innovative Technologies Center at National Park College offers a unique technology oriented educational experience to the Local Industry, K12 Educators, and the Community.

Through specialized industrial training programs the ITC will encouraging growth in the manufacturing sector.  The Center will also create opportunities for K-12 students and teachers to explore the rapidly changing world of technology in a hands-on, project based environment.  As a nexus of people, knowledge and equipment the ITC is a place for knowledge exchange and entrepreneurial experimentation, serving as a gathering space for teaching, learning, sharing and doing. 

Looking for Summer Camps?  Check out the Community Tech page.

Industrial Training
Our industrial Training Programs offer a variety of ways to build your workforce and your bottom line.
K12 Enhancements
The ITC partners with Garland County Schools to bring fun and engaging tech to the K12 classroom.
Community Tech
Adults and kids alike will love our Summer Camps, CoolTech Short Courses and Maker Space.

ITC Calendar

The next 3 months of the Innovative Technologies Center calendar are displayed below. For more information, see the full NPC Calendar.

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The Big Idea

The Innovative Technologies Center aims to align workforce development and academic programs with regional economic development strategies to meet the needs of local and regional employers by preparing a workforce with the skills to be competitive in the 21st century workplace.

The Bigger Idea

The Innovative Technologies Center will lay the foundation to Expand Technology Education and Create an Environment of Technology Collaboration for Everyone - Industry, K12 Education and the Community