Health Science Technology

The mission of this program is to give students a broad understanding and occupational awareness of professions within the medical field. Instruction includes theory and laboratory activities in medical terminology, health and disease, medical procedures, medical professions, and other health related courses. Shadowing and observation are also program components for Level II students.

Class limit: 30 Students per section.

Programs of Study

First Year (MPE I)

First Semester: Introduction to Medical Professions Education

Medical Terminology

Second Semester: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Second Year (MPE II)

First Semester: Medical Procedures

Medical Procedures Expanded

Second Semester: Medical Specialization, including:

Shadowing and Observation Experiences
Research Assignments
Student practicing CPR


Enrollment Criteria

All programs in the technical center have two class periods available for enrollment. In the event there are more applicants for a section than seats available, students will be asked to choose an alternate period. If the sections still are over capacity, the following additional criteria will be used to determine acceptance into the program:

Level 1 Program (First Year)

1. Minimum GPA of 2.0
2. Minimum 6th grade reading level
3. Minimum 6th grade math level

Level 2 Program (Second Year)

1. Must have completed the Level 1 program with a 60% average or above.
2. No documented Out of School Suspension (OSS) either at NPTC or the home school during the Level 1 course.
3. No more than three (3) documented disciplinary actions before the interview
4. Recommendation from the Level 1 instructor.
5. Semester (December) graduates will not be considered for the Level 2 placement.
6. Complete the interview process with Level 2 instructor(s) at the end of the Level 1 program.
7. Meet the requirements for one of the three following options:

Option 1- Traditional Track

a. Complete Level 1 with 70% or above average.
b. Submit to random drug screening at student's cost.
c. Purchase uniforms and non-canvas/non-mesh white tennis shoes for shadowing (approximate cost is $70.)
d. Provide transportation for student to shadowing sites.
e. Provide proof of TB skin test, Hepatitis B vaccination (3), and MMR (at least one) before the end of the first quarter of the fall semester.

Option 2 - Personal Care Assistant (PCA)Track

The PCA Track student will complete requirements for the PCA Certification in the Spring Semester. This student is excluded from shadowing:

Complete the Level 1 program with 60% or above average.

Option 3- Pharmacy Tech Track

a. Complete Level 1 with 75% or above average.
b. Meet financial obligations for course supplies
c. Attend a meeting prior to beginning the course with the course instructor, student, and parent/guardian.
d. The initial cost of the Pharmacy tech course is $250, paid by the student.

Additional Level 2 Requirements:

Fall Semester
1. Students must maintain a "C" average in each nine week grading period in the fall semester to be eligible for job shadowing in the spring semester.
2. Students may not exceed six (6) absences in the Fall semester to be eligible for shadowing opportunities in the Spring semester.

Spring Semester
1. Students who exceed four (4) absences during the third quarter will be removed from potential shadowing opportunities. Students will complete alternate assignments in lieu of the shadowing experiences.
2. Any student who transfers from one school district to another and has successfully completed the Level 1 program may apply for admission into the Level 2 program. Transfer students will be evaluated on an individual basis.
3. Completion of the Level 1 program at National Park Technology Center does NOT guarantee enrollment in the Level 2 program. All students, including transfer students, will be evaluated on disciplinary actions (attendance, academic, behavioral) on an individual basis.