Automotive Service

It is our mission in high school Automotive Service Technology at National Park College to instruct students to be competitive in the work force so they can succeed in the 21 st century.The automotive course at the secondary level is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF), and introduces the student to the fundamentals of repair, tune-up, and maintenance of today's automobiles. Upon completion of the course, a student may work as a helper in an automotive shop or may enter the post-secondary course for further training.


First Year (Level I)

First Semester: Automotive Electronics

A study of Ohm's Law and its applications in today's automobiles along with series and parallel circuits. Introduction to solid state devices and their operations. Second Semester Steering and Suspension A study of automobile steering and suspension systems including lab instruction in two and four wheel alignments.

Second Year(Level II)

First Semester: Engine Performance

A study of theory and operations of automobile computer systems affecting automotive driveability.

Second Semester: Automotive Brake System

An exploration of the theory and practical aspects of disc and drum brake systems. Introduction to ABS brake technology.