Our primary function is to maintain the accuracy and security of the academic records of National Park College in an atmosphere of professionalism, collegiality and confidentiality to our students and faculty and to apply the academic policies and regulations established by the institution.

NOTE: Semester grades are not mailed to students but are available online. A few days after the semester ends faculty begin submitting the term grades. All grades should be posted approximately seven to ten days after the semester ends. Log in to OASIS online via the NPC web page to view your grades or your unofficial transcript.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for admission?

Visit the Admissions page to find descriptions on how to apply based on the type of student you want to be at NPC.

How can I return to NPC once I stopped attending?

If you have not attended NPC for at least two years, you must reapply for admission. If you have attended another college since enrolling at NPC, you must also have a copy of your official transcript from the school(s) you attended sent to the Registrar’s office at NPC.

What courses are offered each semester?

Please visit the Schedule of Classes page to see courses for the desired semester.

How can I get into a closed class?

NPC has established a Waitlist process, however, waitlisting for a class does not guarantee you a seat in that class. If a seat becomes available in the closed class during the enrollment period and you are in the first position on the waitlist, your status will change from "waiting" to "enrolled", unless there is a time conflict. It is advised that you check your status periodically during the enrollment period, and make any necessary adjustments.

How can I withdraw from a class(es)?

If you intend to drop a course(s) but not completely withdraw, you may do so by using your NPC OASIS student account or by completing a Drop/Add Form available in Student Services. If you plan to completely withdraw from all courses, you will need to complete a Withdrawal Form in Student Services and complete the NPC Student Exit Survey. Please check the Academic Calendar for online availability to drop or withdraw and the college deadlines for student withdrawals.

How do I apply for graduation?

Go to the graduation requirements page for more information.

How do I order a transcript?

Transcripts can now be processed through our partner, Parchment, if you prefer to order your transcripts online. The price for student pick-up is $4 for official transcripts. If you prefer to to fill out yourself, you can do so by fill out the form and submit or fax it to the NPC Business Office, fax: (501) 760-4268. Unofficial transcripts are free of charge and should be filled out using the paper request form.

What is Enrollment Verification?

Enrollment Verifications serve as proof of your status as a student. Insurance companies, loan agencies and other organizations may require a verification in order for you to be eligible for certain benefits. In some cases, verification may be necessary to prove that you did not attend National Park College. Please see the Enrollment Verification page for more information.

How do I establish residency?

Classifications may change if a student relocates and completes a Student Data Change form. Additional documentation may be required in some cases.

For the purpose of assessing tuition payment based on legal residency, students are identified as in-district, out-of-district, out-of-state, or international. Residency is determined by Arkansas Law as follows:

  • In-District - A student must have lived in Garland County for six consecutive months prior to the beginning of any semester (fall, spring or summer) for reasons other than attending college to be classified as an in-district resident.
  • Out-of-District - A student who lives in Arkansas, but has not lived in Garland County for six consecutive months before entering college is designated as an out-of-district resident.
  • Out-of-State - A person who has not lived in Arkansas the previous six months is designated as an out-of-state resident.
  • International - A student who originates from another country and is here on an approved student visa is designated as an international student.

Classification for residency purposes is made at the time of admission. In determining residency, the following applies:

  • Classifications may change if a student relocates and files a formal change of address notification with the Registrar's Office on the third floor of the Gerald Fisher Campus Center.
  • The residency identified by anyone under 21 years of age is that of his/ her parents or guardian unless the student is married or has established a separate legal residence.
  • When enrolling, the student is responsible for indicating the proper residence classification for tuition and fee costs. If there is a question, the student should consult with the Registrar's Office before registration.
  • Contact the Registrar's Office for a list of documents required to prove residency and/or for information on special conditions as they pertain to residency.

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