Policy Number: 6.500

Policy Name: Academic Clemency

Original Adoption: March 25, 1992

Revised: August 2019

Next Scheduled Review: August 2023

Responsible Cabinet Member: Vice President for Academic Affairs

Department/Office: Vice President for Academic Affairs



This policy applies to all students enrolled at National Park College.


Act 1000 of 1991 describes academic clemency as a second opportunity for undergraduate students who performed poorly at some point in their studies and who wish to return to college after having gained a new appreciation of the benefits of higher education.


  1. Institutional Policy at National Park College is in compliance with Act 1000 of 1991 and guidelines adopted by the State Board of Higher Education: 1. Academic clemency may be granted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs to returning students who have not been enrolled in any college or university for two calendar years, and who now demonstrate the commitment to succeed academically.
  2. Students may request clemency for course work at NPC for one semester only.
  3. The student’s transcript is a comprehensive academic record. Therefore, the original grades for the requested clemency semester will remain on the student’s transcript but will not be used in the computation of the cumulative grade point average. No credits, for the requested clemency semester, will count toward graduation requirements or be considered in future academic deliberations at National Park College. A notation will be placed on the transcript to show that academic clemency has been granted. This information cannot be removed and will become part of the student’s permanent record.
  4. Since the student's GPA will have to be recalculated by the Registrar from the time that academic clemency is granted, a fee will be assessed.
  5. Students seeking academic clemency must see the Registrar to complete the appropriate forms and prepare a written request to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for consideration. If deemed necessary, a review conference between the student and the Vice President for Academic Affairs may be scheduled. The required documentation, signed by both the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the student, will become part of the student’s permanent record.
  6. Under State Board of Higher Education guidelines, no post-secondary institution is required to honor academic clemency granted by another institution. However, students who receive academic clemency at NPC and plan to transfer should be allowed to petition for academic clemency under the provisions established by the receiving institution.
  7. In the case of transfer students to NPC, the college will honor academic clemency allowed by any accredited college/university for admission purposes. But in the interest of consistent application of policy, the chief academic officer will treat the academic clemency as if it had been granted at NPC for graduation purposes.
  8. This institutional policy became effective July 1, 1992.