OSHA 10 Certifications

The OSHA 10 certification program is offered in three general industry areas:

  1. Culinary
    • The Culinary course teaches the basics of OSHA and provides training for entry level workers on prevention of safety and health hazards, culinary specific hazards, personal protective equipment (PPE), emergency action plans, materials handling, industrial hygiene, etc. The ServSafe Food Handling course must be completed before taking the OSHA culinary course.
  2. Healthcare
    • The Healthcare course provides basic healthcare training in personal protective equipment (PPE), blood borne pathogens, safe patient handling, and developing emergency action plans.
  3. Manufacturing
    • The Manufacturing course follows the same guidelines as related to manufacturing along with topics in machine guarding, safe driving practices, emergency action plans and fire protection, and hazard communication.

Each of these courses are taken through Career Safe, a national safety educational program. Each OSHA course requires an assessment and course evaluation upon completion. All certificates through Career Safe are valid for 5 years.