NPC recognizes students' need to print in the course of doing academic work. The College also recognizes its responsibility to discourage waste and to recover some of the cost of printing on campus. Accordingly, all students will be given an allotment of $50.00 free printing each semester and charged for printing above that amount.

For further printing above the free allotment you will need to purchase a $5.00 or $10.00 ticket from the Library or the Bookstore. The cost of printing will vary based on whether it is a black and white print or a color print. The current cost for printing is $0.10 per page for black and white prints and $0.25 per page for color prints. All costs are subject to change as needed.

Unused print quotas do not carry over to the next semester. There will be no refunds for print credits not used.

Making Multiple Copies

The printers are not a replacement for photocopy machines. Users who need multiple copies (more than 2) of a document should print a master copy and then photocopy it. The NPC Library offers photocopying services.

Print Quota

The print quota is maintained by the network and users will be notified when they are near the printing limit. Print quotas are subject to change as needed. Students will be allowed to purchase additional printing services if they reach their quota from the Bookstore or Library. You are responsible for your own account.

Restart After You are Finished

In order to prevent someone else from stealing your print credits restart any lab computer when you are finished working.

Printing Powerpoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations mut be printed in "OUTLINE" mode or "HANDOUT" mode (3 slides per sheet or more).

PowerPoint presentations are usually lengthy and require a large amount of network and printing resources to print. Please be patient in printing as these documents usually take longer to print. PowerPoint presentations are usually for the student's reference and not a requirement for classroom lecture.

Printing for Non-Student Users

All non-student users will be allowed to purchase printing services.

There will be a predetermined cost per page for printing. Printing services may be purchased in $5 increments in the Library or Bookstore and the receipt brought to the Help Desk in the Computer Center. The user will then have the ability to print until they have reached their quota. At that time they may again purchase additional printing services. There will be no refunds for print credits not used.

Forbidden Printing Content

Users are not permitted to print the following:

  • Material offensive to others
  • Material for business related purposes or financial gain
  • Any material needing multiple copies (more than 2 copies)

Interacting with the Printer

Users are not to interfere with the operation of any lab printer. Including loading paper, removing paper jams, or using the printer console.

This includes removing pages from the printer while it is still printing. This is to insure that the pages for any user's print job are not shuffled or misplaced. Periodically, the lab assistant will remove print jobs that have not been picked up from the printer and place in the holding tray at the Help Desk. At the end of the day, any print outs not picked up will be discarded.

Users are not permitted to use the manual feed tray. Therefore you may not print labels, envelopes, or anything requiring special paper.