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Campus Computer Login Procedures

These are the steps to follow every time you use a computer. Each student has his or her own network account. You must use this account to use the computers.

Look up your NPC Login ID

Username: FirstInitialLastname
Password: Your password is also known as your PIN (Personal Identification Number). It is an eight-digit number made up of the last four digits of your social security number, plus your birth month and birth day. If either your birth month or birth day is a single digit, use a zero in front of it.

Examples: John  Public Pat Public
DOB: 11/06/1967 DOB: 01/06/1970
SS#: 123-45-6789 SS#: 987-65-4321
Username: jpublic Username: ppublic
Password: 67891106 Password: 43210106

(Important: there are no dashes, slashes or spaces in username or password!)

In the case of duplicates then it would be as in this case Jpublic1, Jpublic2, or Jpublic3, etc.
If you log in and it is one of those numbers and you didn’t place it in your username it will tell you you’ve logged in incorrectly.


John  Public
Jane Public
DOB: 11/06/1967
DOB: 01/06/1970
SS#: 123-45-6789
SS#: 987-65-4321
Username: jpublic
Username: jpublic1
Password: 67891106
Password: 43210106

To change your password after you log in:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete (all 3 buttons at the same time)
  • In the Windows Security dialog box, click the "Change Password" button.
  • In the Change Password dialog box, type in your old password, then your new password below it, then type the new password again in the last blank, then click “OK”

Your new password must be a minimum of 8 characters. For security reasons, it is advisable that you make your password a combination of letters and numbers and do not make it something that can be easily guessed, such as your phone number or child’s name.

You must remember your password (PIN). Do not share your password with anyone. If you forget your password, a lab manager/assistant can reset it to your original PIN. You are expected to abide by the Student Computer/Network Acceptable Use Policy. You may view this policy online or request a copy at the Help Desk.

If you need to change your password from home, follow these instructions.

Student E-Mail Procedures

Students can access their email on and off campus using the following instructions.

  1. Double-click the Internet Explorer icon
  2. Go to
  3. Click the webmail link on the NPC homepage
  4. Enter student username and password
  5. Your E-mail address is