Mission Statement

The Communications and Arts Division strives to provide quality education to its students. The division works to help prepare students for success and fulfillment in both college and in their lives beyond college, through the myriad courses the Division offers.

Program Structure

Most General Education courses are offered in blended online, or web-enhanced formats.

Job Opportunities

With an Associate of Arts degree, students can transfer and work towards several different majors at the undergraduate level. 

Students who graduate with the AAS in Digital & Media Arts can work for businesses in graphic design, advertising, open their own photography studios, or work for someone who has a studio.

Communications & Arts Division Objectives

  • Develop and use critical thinking skills
  • Promote intellectual and artistic expression in a way that promotes lifelong learning
  • Develop and use effective communication skills
  • Develop sensitivity to cultural diversity
  • Expect appropriate college-level demeanor

Music Degrees


Associate Degrees

The Communications/Arts Division is home to Associate Degrees in the Arts and Liberal Studies.

Students majoring in fields such as art, philosophy, speech, English, foreign language, education, journalism, music, photography, or related fields may contact the division chair to discuss options.

Art Degrees

Educational Degrees