Program Overview

Pursue your passion! Whether you want to teach or perform, NPC has a music degree specifically designed for you.

Course Structure and Delivery

Music courses are offered on campus, while other courses in the degree may be available on campus or online. See Class Schedules for information about the many courses offered online and in the evenings.

All courses shown in the Catalog for each individual degree program are required. Music courses are offered in a highly coordinated format and must be taken in the sequential order shown in the Graduation Map.

Job Opportunities

Graduates who complete a music degree are employed as:

  • Professional Performer
  • Music Educator (K-12 or in Higher Education, following additional study)
  • Choral Conductor
  • Arts Administration
  • Artist Management

Degrees for Transfer - Start Here / Finish There (HSU)

This degree provides you with a study of music as part of a broader, liberal arts perspective. It also includes significant coursework in a minor field.

If you want to be a choral educator, this degree provides the required training in singing and conducting and prepares you for teacher licensure and certification.

These degrees provide you with a high level of personal study and competency in preparation for graduate study and professional performance.