Program Overview

NPC's Art and Design program enables you to develop your artistic skills and acquire a strong foundation for a career with a two-year Digital and Media Arts associate degree. The program also prepares you to continue your art studies through transfer opportunities to Henderson State University (HSU) or to enhance your leadership and management skills at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith (UAFS).

Course Delivery and Structure

Art courses are offered on-campus and some are offered online. See Class Schedules for information about the many courses offered online and in the evenings.

All courses shown in the Catalog for each individual degree program are required. Courses should be taken in the sequential order shown in the Graduation Map.

Job Opportunities

  • Fine Artist 
  • Gallery Manager
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Freelance Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Production Assistant

Degrees and Certificates

The Associate of Applied Science degree is designed for graduates looking for entry-level employment opportunities as design layout artists, production assistants and junior graphic designers. If you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree, many of your AAS courses will fulfill the degree requirements at the transferring institution.

The Certificate of Proficiency provides you with basic knowledge of Digital and Media Arts, and the Technical Certificate provides you with entry level skills. If you decide to pursue the Associate of Applied Science in Digital & Media Arts degree, all of your certificate courses will fulfill the degree requirements.

Degrees for Transfer - Start Here / Finish There

This degree prepares you to be a K-12 art teacher and to also complete your Master of Fine Arts degree if you would like to teach at the university level.

If you graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree and desire to assume management and leadership roles or to enhance your current employment, this degree is for you.

This degree provides you with the skills and knowledge needed for job opportunities in web development and in gaming, television, film, and media-based businesses.

You may find a rewarding career earning a living from your personal work, or your studio art degree can prepare you for a second major in areas such as architecture, interior design, or art history.