Many jobs require a resume and having an effective resume can greatly increase your chance of getting the job you want. A cover letter tailored to the specific job for which you are applying is critical.

You can use your provided Microsoft Office 365 account to download or use resume and cover letter templates.

Parts of a Resume

Heading (always)
   Name and contact information (full name, address, phone, and email)

Education (always)
   List degrees, most recent first

   List most recent first
   Use bulleted statements
   Start statements with action words

Activities (optional)
   List relevant activities and leadership positions first
   Add details to demonstrate experience and skills
   Include honors and awards

   Highlight your skills (i.e., computer hardware/software, foreign language proficiencies, etc
   Include level of proficiency (i.e., beginner, intermediate, etc.)
   List any certifications

   Request permission before adding someone as a reference
   References should be listed on a separate page formatted to match your resume

Sample Student Resume Template
Sample Functional Resume Template
Sample Reference Page Template

Parts of a Cover Letter

Heading (always)
   Same as Resume

First Paragraph
   Mention the job title
   Tell how you heard about the position
   State your belief that your skills fit the job description

Second Paragraph
   Summarize how your experience, education, and personal qualities prepare you for the position

Third Paragraph
   Reiterate your interest in the position
   Specify the next steps -- request a personal meeting, etc
   Thank the employer for their consideration

Sample Cover Letter Template