As National Park College approaches its milestone of 50 years of service to the Garland County area, we are embarking on a historic journey. Connect. Invest. Grow. is an invitation for you to join us in addressing our region’s most pressing concerns of providing quality healthcare and a skilled workforce, along with fulfilling our mission of student success.

This $11.75 million campaign will help meet the needs of our community and provide for continued growth and advancement. Educational opportunities will be available for those who never thought it possible. Connect with us and be a part of the legacy.

This comprehensive campaign will provide opportunities to connect and invest in the areas of student success, academic excellence, community partnerships and resources.

Make a gift or pledge your support today.

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Joyce Craft
CoChair; Retired,
Superintendent HSSD
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Dr. Jack Porter
CoChair; Retired,

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is National Park College embarking on a major gifts campaign?

NPC is proud to invest in our community and its workforce. As we approach 50 years in Garland County, our focus continues to be on student success. We know the needs of our community and we are listening to our students. Every facet of the Connect. Invest. Grow. campaign is designed to equip students with knowledge and resources to be successful, growing our own and focusing on the economic impact they will have on our region. Philanthropy is critical in securing support for the needs of our community.

What is the timeline and goal of this campaign?

The Connect. Invest. Grow. campaign will count all dollars raised by private sources through March 2024. Our goal is set at $11.75 million.

How were the initiatives identified?

The initiatives throughout this document were a direct result of a feasibility study conducted in the fall of 2021. We asked our community and our students what they needed and the initiatives throughout this document are the focus.

How do I know my donation will be appropriately managed?

The National Park College Foundation Board has the ultimate fiduciary responsibility for campaign funds raised and the board oversees the Foundation’s investment portfolio. Gifts made through the Connect. Invest. Grow. campaign will be included in the NPC Foundation’s portfolio.