Industrial Training

CNC Machining Technology Program

The CNC Machining Technology Program is your fast track path to becoming a CNC Operator and/or CNC Programmer.  You will learn principles of machining, setup, processing, part inspection, and standard shop practices - the skills you need to program and operate complex metal working machines such as CNC mills, and lathes.  


CNC Mill
Aug 28  - Oct 23                                 M/W 4:15pm - 6:45pm
Prerequisite:  Machining Fundamentals or similar skills

CNC Mill prepares students for entry-level positions as CNC Operators or set-up technicians.  Students will learn basic programming, set-up, and operation of a Haas TM1p Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling machine.  Topics include programming formats, control functions, program editing, part production, and inspection.  Students will manufacture simple parts and will gain experience performing quality control inspections before, during, and after CNC operations.

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