Entrance Test Scores

Students must provide an official score sheet from ACT, ACCUPLACER or ASPIRE with the qualifying score to be eligible for concurrent credit.  Score sheets must be turned in at the time of registration.  ACT score reports can be sent through ACT when you sign up for the exam.  ACCUPLACER or ASPIRE tests taken at your local high school will produce a score report which must be forwarded to NPC Admissions Office.  

Please note for any class taken for concurrent credit, students will need a qualifying reading score. 

  • For Math courses, Reading and Math scores are required.
  • For English courses, Reading and English scores are required.

See the chart below for the required scores.  Test scores must be prior to August 1st to be eligible for concurrent credit for the following semester.

ACT/Accuplacer sub-test ACT minimum
minimum score
10th grade ASPIRE
Reading 19 252 428
Math/Quantitative Reasoning,
Algebra, Statistics (QAS)
21 264 432
in combination with a 'C' or better in Algebra II
English/Writing 19 256 428

Admission to NPC

Students must be admitted to NPC to take concurrent credit.  To apply for admission go to the NPC website and complete the online application for admission.  Look under the new students tab for the online application.  Please note, due to additional admission requirements, students who are international students or are not legal residents of the United States or who do not have a valid social security number will need to contact the Admissions Office at NPC at (501) 760-4363.