Vaccination Status of NPC

Vaccination status of NPC, This number is based on self-reported vaccination status for students and employees. A meter gauge displaying a 40.3 percent vaccination status for Students. A meter gauge displaying 75 percent vaccination status for Employees. A meter gauge displaying 47.6 percent vaccination status overall.

Although vaccination is not mandatory, it is our best shot to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. At NPC, we operate in an environment of trust and personal responsibility. These tenets and others are part of our Nighthawk Code. Do your part to keep your neighbor safe and get vaccinated today.  

Vaccination Locations

The vaccines are safe and effective. There are multiple places to get vaccinated in the community. Vaccines provided at no cost with no appointments necessary. Walk in and leave vaccinated. Vaccination locations are available from the City of Hot Springs website 

Vaccination Resources

Nursing and Health Science Students

Although the Covid-19 vaccination series is not currently required by National Park College, all Nursing and Allied Health students are strongly advised to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination series. Several NPC clinical partners are now requiring the vaccination series prior to entering their facilities. If you choose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, this will impede your progression in the Nursing and Health Sciences program and jeopardize completion because you would be unable to meet the clinical objectives.