A committee consisting of faculty, students, and staff created the Nighthawk Code in 2018. The purpose of the Nighthawk Code is to remind the NPC community of the importance of trust and personal responsibility. The HAWKS acronym stands for honor, action, willingness, kindness, and scholarship.


We hold honesty, integrity and reliability both inside and outside of the classroom in high esteem. These characteristics define an honorable person. 


Actions speak as loudly as words. We therefore strive to serve others through positive action aimed at improving the world around us.


We believe in preparedness and readiness. Our willingness is exemplified in being equipped for what is next whether that is in the classroom, on campus or beyond NPC.


Treating those around us with kindness is a central Nighthawk tenet. Being generous, friendly, compassionate and considerate requires us to value the diversity of people and of ideals, and it requires us to listen, to understand and to sometimes disagree with respect. 


Academic study and learning is crucial to our future and, thus, we value learning in a scholarly environment that promotes creativity and critical thinking.