All courses at National Park College (NPC) utilize standardized Course Level Objectivs (CLOs) and Program Level Objectives (PLOs), regardless of instructor or delivery system. In these courses, each CLO is aligned with corresponding PLOs; these PLOs are then aligned with the institutional General Education Objectives (GEOs). Objective mapping from the CLO level up to the GEO level is therefore imbedded in all course objectives. As a result, any data that NPC collects on CLO attainment may subsequently be used to measure PLO and GEO outcomes as well.

The Learning Management System (LMS) at NPC allows faculty to link assessments—including select portions of assessments—to the appropriate CLOs for data reporting. This data is available for review by administrators via a few clicks of the mouse, and provides an enormous reservoir of assessment data. These reports are particularly important within specific programs that require student outcomes as part of their accreditation process.

Deans can specifically target CLO attainment in any field of study, use this data to discover areas with lower levels of attainment, and then work with faculty to improve CLO mastery by our students. NPC can also determine if every campus class is effectively meeting all of the standard CLOs assigned to that course during a given semester.

NPC is in a multi-year process to train all faculty in these procedures of CLO data collection. Each faculty member will link classroom assessment to one or more of their CLOs within the LMS. This training is on-going and is a required for all faculty. Once complete, every single classroom assignment will be assessable electronically, and the results will be available in usable, quantitative form.

Primary assessment reporting is fulfilled each year by the General Education common assessment and the Program assessment process, but campus-wide CLO assessment will provide NPC with tremendous amounts of data previously impossible to collect. The process (beginning in fall of 2019) looks like this:

  • Faculty training in using the LMS to link assessments to CLOs
  • Staggered implementation across the divisions
  • Developing the proper data collection and reporting procedure for CLO assessment
  • Utilizing CLO attainment as part of the annual assessment review

As collected, campus-wide CLO assessment data will be made available on the NPC Assessment Data Repository page.