SGA Inducts New Officers

May 11, 2017

SGA Inducts New Officers

National Park College (NPC) Student Government Association (SGA) hosted their annual Passing the Gavel induction ceremony Wednesday. Outgoing SGA president, Aaron Johnson and past president, Michelle Godwin charged the incoming officers to uphold the constitution and bylaws, lead and unify the student body, decide and act responsibly for the students’ interests, and to work with the faculty and administration in the pursuit of mutual interests.

The 2017-2018 officer team will include president, Vanessa Mattox, vice president, Anna Archer, secretary, Aladdin Hamdan, treasurer, Andres Damian, historian, Kaitlain Miramontes, public relations officer, Raymond Jordan, and at-large representatives Tyler Chenevert, Mark McCorkle, and Cara Miramontes.

Dr. John Hogan address the group. He announced that the 2017-2018 officer team would be awarded the Nighthawk Scholarship in the amount of $500 per semester for executive board positions and $250 per semester for at-large positions.

New members of Student National Government standing in front of the clock tower for a photo.Pictured left to right, Dr. Christopher Thrasher, Vanessa Mattox, Mark McCorkle, Ray Jordan, Aladdin Hamdan, Tyler Chenevert, Kaitlain Miramontes, Cara Miramontes, Andres Damian, Anna Archer and Dr. Samantha Christian.