Career pathways Student of the Year

May 15, 2017

Career pathways Announces Student of the year

National Park College (NPC) Career Pathways Initiative (CPI) hosted their annual graduation reception Friday. Graduates from the program were recognized and provided emotional personal testimonials about their experiences. In total, the 30 graduates have earned more than 117 credentials. CPI Director, LaTaschya Harris reported that more than 90 percent of graduates from 2015 and 2016 are currently employed in their chosen fields.

Harris hugging Sarah Prince while holding the CPI Student of the Year award next to her.Harris announced Sarah Prince as the CPI Student of the Year. Prince joined CPI in 2014 and experienced tremendous growth since being in the program. Harris described that the college journey is about perseverance but also personal growth, and said Prince has grown the most over this past year. She overcame complications from a high-risk pregnancy in order to complete her studies.

Harris said, “Our Student of the Year is a shining example of how mindset, fortitude, and perseverance are what it takes to make it from point A to B. She is the self-proclaimed Career Pathways ‘President,’ and promotes and recruits for the program all of the time.”

Prince said, “I feel like Career Pathways is so much more than books and gas.” She explained that the staff had gone above and beyond to mentor her and help her reach her goal of becoming a nurse.

Pictured is CPI Director, LaTaschya Harris with presenting the Career Pathways student of the year award to Sarah Prince during the graduation reception Friday.

Arkansas Career Pathways is a grant program from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. It offers services for low-income parents for childcare, transportation, tuition and fees, books and supplies.