The following classroom procedures are intended to be general and campus-wide. In every situation, the primary concern of NPC is to limit the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

Classroom Sanitization and Cleaning

Instructional areas will be cleaned daily and sanitized regularly, including between classes. Hand sanitizing stations should be located at every building entry, and campus members should make a habit of using them upon entry. A spray bottle, microfiber cloths, and latex gloves will be provided in each classroom. In some cases, wipes will also be provided. Instructors will sanitize all high-contact surfaces (i.e., desks, chairs, light switches, doorknobs, keyboards) after their class and before the next class is allowed into the room. Students and faculty should wait to enter their classroom until the instructor that previously occupied the classroom has finished sanitizing and gives the okay to enter. If no sanitizing supplies are available, the faculty member should contact Brad Hopper (501) 538-6260.


The NPC Library will be open to the public once again as of March 1, 2022.  Use of facial coverings is strongly recommended within the building.