National Park College Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Strategic Planning Process

The NPC 2020-2025 Strategic Plan was developed over an 18 month period and included input from many constituencies in Garland County, including students, faculty and staff, employers, and community members. This Plan provides a framework for NPC leadership by focusing efforts on the goals and initiatives that will serve students while preparing for the future.

The strategic planning committee was chosen in January 2019 and included:

Kelli Embry - Cabinet Leader Vice President for Workforce and Strategic Initiatives
Jennifer Lyons - Co-Chair Division Chair, Business and Technical Programs
Lisa Hopper - Co-Chair Dean, Student Financial Services
Jill Houlihan - Committee Secretary Assistant to the President
Debbie Ugbade - HLC Liaison Faculty, Adult Education
Beverly Joe - Board Member Vice President of HR. Radius Aerospace
Michelle Ratcliff - Community Member Economic Development Manager, Hot Springs Metro Partnership
Harris Felton - Student Representative National Park College
Shane Cramer – Student Representative National Park College
Chuck Argo, PhD Division Chair
Bishnu Dhakal, PhD Faculty, Science
Amy Watson Institutional Research
Connie Poteet Concurrent Coordinator
Dennis Pickering Faculty, Welding
Akaylah Weatherspoon Upward Bound Coordinator
Jennifer Seward Faculty, Graphic Design
Eric Boardway IT Manager


January-February 2019 Selection of committee members
March 2019 Strategic planning committee training
April 2019 Review of current mission/vision/values
April 2019 Propose changes to President's Cabinet
May-October 2019 Conduct focus groups with community, students, faculty/staff, and online
August-December 2019 Review focus group feedback

Determine overall strategic priorities

Present proposed strategic priorities to President's Cabinet

January/February 2020

Write first draft of strategic goals for each strategic priority

March 2020 Finalize strategic goals for each strategic priority
April/May 2020 President's Cabinet reviews plan and recommends any changes
June 2020 2020-2023 Strategic Plan is presented to NPC Board of Trustees
July 2020 2020-2023

Strategic Plan begins

August 2020 Strategic Plan presentation at fall workshop for all faculty and staff


Learning is our focus; student success is our goal.


To be the preferred choice for education, serving as a catalyst for personal enrichment, economic growth, and community engagement.


As thought leaders we value:

  • Access - for students from all walks of life in achieving their educational goals by offering a wide range of learning
  • Excellence - through innovative new solutions and programs to ensure our premier institution produces competitive scholars and
  • Accountability - to ourselves, our students, and community partners. We are committed to personal accountability through ethical behavior, academic growth, and intellectual
  • Collaboration - by encouraging partnerships that address student, employee, and stakeholder needs, contribute to the economic prosperity of our region, and promote active engagement in the global
  • Respect - by maintaining an environment that creates opportunities to explore ideas, philosophies, and perspectives through open communication, social engagement, and diverse cultural

Strategic Plan Priorities/Goals 2020-2025