Dr. John HoganWelcome to National Park College. Since you are here, you are probably already aware that investing in your education will pay huge dividends – financially, professionally, and in the overall improvement of your quality of life. That investment shouldn’t be hindering, though. At National Park College, we are committed to keeping tuition low while maintaining the highest levels of instructional quality. We remain one of the best education bargains in America.

Our graduates have chosen paths that led them to great things. They are professors, politicians, law officers, teachers, attorneys, nurses, doctors, and the list goes on.  Many National Park alums head to four-year schools where, on average, two-year college transfer students are more successful than native students in terms of grade point average.  In short, National Park students are exceptional.

So, what path will you choose?  If you are uncertain about your career, we can help you navigate. If you are certain, we can help you reach your destination faster. We are designed to help students grow and succeed, and we’d like the chance to show you that.

Our college is part of a greater partnership, one that involves an engaged and connected group of community leaders, taxpayers, donors, trustees, legislators, alums, students, faculty, and the support of the state of Arkansas. Come join us to see how we can assist you along your path to success.

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