As the faculty members recognize that providing person's education is a great responsibility, the purposes of this Faculty Senate are to facilitate communication across the campus by providing a forum for reasoned discussion on all matters relating to academics and to encourage a significant contribution by the faculty in the shared governance of the campus.  As the voice of the faculty, the Faculty Senate will provide informed advice on academic and instructional matters and will represent the needs of faculty to the campus community. For additional information, read the Faculty Senate Constitution.

2021-2022 Faculty Senate

Gwendolyn Carter
Gwendolyn Carter, Math & Sciences -  Past Chair

Rodney Ivers
Rodney Ivers, Business - Chair

Nannette Crane-Post
Nannette Crane-Post - Chair-Elect

Lana Taliaferro
Lana Taliaferro, Communications and Art

Darlene Gentles
Darlene Gentles, Math & Sciences

Josh Boyett
Josh Boyett, Health Sciences

John Day 
John Day,  Social Sciences

Devron Dever
Devron Dever, Technical and Professional

Ed Burgess
Ed Burgess, Adult Education and NPTC

Katina Ennis
Katina Ennis, Nursing

Carrie Walthall
Carrie Walthall, Business

Lynn Valetutti
Lynn Valetutti, Library