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A new credential is available to Arkansans who want to be professional oral language interpreters in educational settings that serve children from birth through 12th grade.

The Arkansas Bilingual Interpreter Credential in Education is the first credential of this kind in the country.  Often, students are asked to interpret for their parents during school meetings. Teachers who speak a language other than English may also be asked to serve as stand-in interpreters. Neither is appropriate or legal under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Please see the videos and resources below for more information.   

Collaborating with Interpreters in the Education Field (Video) - Participants will learn the difference between bilingual staff interpreters, and translators; Language Access Legislation; modes of interpretations; Educational Interpreter Code of Ethics; and best practices.

- Collaborating with Interpreters in the Education Field (PowerPoint) - English

Acceso Lingüístico en el Ámbito Educativo (Video) - Objetivos del taller: Poder diferenciar entre el personal bilingüe, interpretes y traductores; Conocer cuales son los derechos relacionados al acceso lingüístico; Código de Ética de Interpretes Educacionales; Que esperar cuando se utiliza un interprete. -

- Acceso Lingüístico en el Ámbito Educativo (PowerPoint) - Spanish

- Language Access in the Educational Environment (PowerPoint) - English