Program Overview

The Hospitality and Tourism Administration program provides you with a solid knowledge base upon which to build a career in the hospitality industry through a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree. The program also prepares you to continue your hospitality studies through transfer opportunities to Arkansas Tech University (ATU).

Course Delivery & Structure

Courses are offered on campus and include hands-on experience in a professional kitchen environment.

All courses shown in the Catalog for each individual degree program are required. Courses should be taken in the sequential order shown in the Graduation Map.

Degrees & Certificates

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Degrees for Transfer - Start Here / Finish There

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Mission Statement

The mission of the NPC Hospitality and Tourism Program is to provide students from diverse backgrounds a quality education and skill set pertinent to preparation for career success in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Job Opportunities

  • Airports
  • Amusement Parks
  • Bars
  • Cruise Ships
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Private Clubs
  • Restaurants

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use basic culinary terminology and techniques including food preparation, presentation and service styles properly.
  • Apply staffing and management principles, customer relations, and sales and marketing techniques for the lodging, food and beverage and recreational tourism industry segments.
  • Apply the concepts of recipe costing, menu design and development, and operational flow of food by executing various class projects and team exercises.
  • Discuss management principles, ethical and sustainable concepts, and global and economic impacts as they relate to the industry.
  • Illustrate proper sanitation and safety techniques and efficient food production techniques via operation of student café and team projects.
  • Determine best practices with regard to guest service, supervisory management, soft skills, and multi-tasking in a team setting via participation in multiple on and off-campus events and effective verbal presentations.
Hospitality and Tourism Program Outcomes
Year Professional Placement Rate Student Retention Rate
2018 60% 77%
2019 100% 79%
2020 100% 88%