Program Overview

The Hospitality and Tourism Administration program provides you with a solid knowledge base upon which to build a career in the hospitality industry through a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree. The program also prepares you to continue your hospitality studies through transfer opportunities to Arkansas Tech University (ATU).

Course Delivery & Structure

Courses are offered on campus and include hands-on experience in a professional kitchen environment.

All courses shown in the Catalog for each individual degree program are required. Courses should be taken in the sequential order shown in the Graduation Map.

Job Opportunities

  • Airports
  • Amusement Parks
  • Bars
  • Cruise Ships
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Private Clubs
  • Restaurants

Degrees & Certificates

Degrees for Transfer - Start Here / Finish There

Mission Statement

The mission of the NPC Hospitality and Tourism Program is to provide students from diverse backgrounds a quality education and skill set pertinent to preparation for career success in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use basic culinary terminology and techniques including food preparation, presentation and service styles properly.
  • Apply staffing and management principles, customer relations, and sales and marketing techniques for the lodging, food and beverage and recreational tourism industry segments.
  • Apply the concepts of recipe costing, menu design and development, and operational flow of food by executing various class projects and team exercises.
  • Discuss management principles, ethical and sustainable concepts, and global and economic impacts as they relate to the industry.
  • Illustrate proper sanitation and safety techniques and efficient food production techniques via operation of student café and team projects.
  • Determine best practices with regard to guest service, supervisory management, soft skills, and multi-tasking in a team setting via participation in multiple on and off-campus events and effective verbal presentations.
Hospitality and Tourism Program Outcomes
Year Professional Placement Rate Student Retention Rate
2018 60% 77%
2019 100% 79%
2020 100% 88%