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TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally-funded program created to provide services to eligible students. The NPC SSS program serves approximately 225 eligible students each semester.

First Generation College Students

You may be eligible to receive additional support including additional scholarship funds exclusive to TRIO students, help applying for NPC and personal scholarships, free individualized tutoring, access to computer lab with free printing, free laptop and finance calculator loans for use during the semester, school supplies such as flash cards, notebooks, pens, highlighters, pencils, blue books and more. One on one advising including degree planning, graduating mapping, and transfer guidance. Apply now to become a member of TRIO Student Support Services. We want to be part of your success story!

How to Apply

To start the application process for the TRIO SSS program, complete the online TRIO SSS application. New participants are admitted at the beginning of each fall semester.

If you have questions about the program, contact Student Support Services Program Coordinator, Suzanne Hendrix, at or by phone at 501-760-4302.

2020 TRIO Hall of Fame Student

Alesha Harrison, TRIO SSS Student of 2020"My name is Alesha Harrison and I am a nontraditional, first-generation student at National Park College and a single mother of 5 children and 3 grandchildren. I will graduate May 2020 with my Associate of Science in Business degree.

At the age of 14, I became a teen mom and a high school dropout. It wasn't until I was 29 years old that I decided to earn my GED and go back to school. Going back to school as a nontraditional, first-generation student comes with a lot of unanswered questions. I didn't know things like how to register for classes, how to obtain financial assistance, or how to apply for scholarships. I felt lost and overwhelmed. I was referred to TRIO and everything changed. Since becoming a member of the program, the TRIO staff has worked really hard to help me and provide me with the support and resources I need to succeed such as free access to computers, help writing essays to apply for scholarships, cultural activities between stressful semesters, help selecting classes and making sure that I am on track for graduation, and assistance transferring to a four-year college. I cannot begin to measure the love and support that the TRIO family has provided me. I cannot begin to thank them enough, because without them I truly don't know where I would be. My family and I will be forever grateful to TRIO for being such a huge part of my success story making it possible for me to provide them with a better future."  - Alesha Harrison