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TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally-funded program created to provide services to eligible students. The NPC SSS program serves approximately 225 eligible students each semester.

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) include:

  • Advising in academic, personal, career, and financial literacy areas
  • Transfer and transitional services for those students wishing to transfer to four-year institutions
  • Tutoring in most subject areas
  • Disability services
  • Small group non-credit math instruction
  • Cultural enrichment activities
  • Financial literacy workshops

For information about eligibility, contact Student Support Services.

How to apply:

To start the application process for the TRIO SSS program, fill out the TRIO SSS Determination of Eligibility questionnaire or pick up an application on the second floor of the Campus Center. Ask for a TRIO Student Support Services staff member! New participants are admitted at the beginning of each fall semester.

If you have questions about the program, contact us at Questions about TRIO SSS? or contact Student Support Services Program Coordinator, Suzanne Hendrix, at or by phone at 501-760-4302.

2018 TRIO Hall of Fame Student

Tyler Wray, TRIO SSS Student of 2018My name is Tyler Wray. I was born Deaf and grew up with a hearing family. Growing up as a Deaf person, in a hearing world, was not easy. American Sign Language (ASL) was my first language, not English. I struggled in communicating with family members and friends. My mom learned how to sign. Other family members learned a few signs. There was so much that I missed out on; however, I feel blessed. Many Deaf children grow up with no language at all. Learning how to write English was very difficult for me. ASL is not an abstract language. Sometimes when I write, it looks like broken English, but this is not the case. ASL has its own grammar and syntax. This is one reason why passing a college entrance exam was difficult. I graduated from Mt. Ida High School. Earning a college degree was always a dream of mine. I knew I could achieve it, but I would have to work hard for it.

I attended Adult Basic Education classes for five years with the aid of an interpreter to improve my academic skills. Disability Services, through TRIO, followed me during this time. Finally, my hard work paid off! I was able to enroll at National Park College in 2016. My degree program is Graphic Design. I have received extensive tutoring services in English and Math because of my participation in the TRIO program. I currently hold a high GPA and am a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I will graduate soon with my Associate’s Degree and will transfer to Henderson State University to get my Bachelor’s Degree. I know that my TRIO advisor will be there to help me with this transition. My goal is to become a Graphic Design teacher at Arkansas School for the Deaf.