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About the Accuplacer Exam  

The Accuplacer exam can help determine your level of knowledge in reading, math, and writing. With this information, you can avoid taking unnecessary courses and enter the courses that will give you a good start for a successful education. Avoiding unnecessary courses saves you money and time in earning a degree.

Exam Rules

There are three parts that can be taken together or individually. The full exam, all three parts, usually takes one to one and a half hours. All answers are multiple choice. Our test center provides paper and pencils and no other aids are allowed. A calculator is embedded in the math test and provided on screen when the question allows for a calculator. No handheld calculators are allowed. No food, drink, cell phones, distractions, children, listening or recording devices are allowed.

Cost of the Accuplacer Exam

You are allowed to take the ACCUPLACER exam free one time. The second second time will cost $25 or $10 per part. We will use your best score.

It is important that you do your very best.  Your scores determine your course placement.

Preparing for the Accuplacer Exam

All of the information needed to prepare for the ACCUPLACER  Exam is on the Accuplacer web site. There are easy-to-follow links to answer most any question, suggestions are offered for success, and practice exams are available. Sample questions can also be found on the Accuplacer web site.

You can also get the free web-based study app where you can become familiar with the style and content of test questions, access interactive Accuplacer sample questions, and get immediate explanations of correct or incorrect answers.  You can access the free study app from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.  

When you arrive to take the ACCUPLACER exam, be rested, relaxed, and allow adequate time to complete the exam without rushing. You will need to bring your photo ID. 

Your Accuplacer Score Report

Test results are printed immediately after completion of the Accuplacer test so the student and advisor can plan a schedule without delay.

Students can also access the Accuplacer student portal to receive a link via email to their own score report.