Student Government Association

2017-2018 SGA Officer Team:

  • SGA President, Anna Archer
  • SGA Vice President, vacant
  • SGA Secretary, Aladdin Hamdan
  • SGA Treasurer, Mark McCorkle
  • SGA Historian, vacant
  • SGA Public Relations Officer, Jana Dozier
  • SGA At-Large Representative, Cory Morris
  • SGA At-Large Representative, Jared Homishak

SGA Officers for 2017-2018

Photo (Front row - left to right): Anna Archer, President; Tyler Draper, Freshman Rep; Jana Dozier, Public Relations Officer.

(Back row - left to right): Aladdin Hamdan, Secretary; Alexis Huell, Freshman Rep; Mark McCorkle, Treasurer.

About SGA

The NPC Student Government Association was created to represent, lead and unify the student body; to decide and act responsibly for the students' interests; and to work with the Faculty and Administration of National Park College in the pursuit of our mutual interests.

The primary purpose of the SGA is to:

  • Promote the views of the student body of NPC through participation in shared governance.
  • Promote the student activities of the student body. Oversee NPC student clubs and organizations.
  • Facilitate student elections.
  • Participate in and support charitable activities to support the students and the community.
  • Make recommendations to appropriate deciding bodies on any matter relating to the general welfare of the student body.
  • Establish committees, assign the responsibilities and appoint their membership.
  • Inform students on citizenship issues.