The Phil Jamison Educational Fund has assisted many students with disabilities pursue an education at National Park College. The fund has been in existence since 1997. Mr. Jamison was an entrepreneur who lived in Hot Springs most of his life. He had Polio as a child and overcame his disability to become a successful businessman. His desire was to assist other individuals with disabilities to become successful in their career goals. 

Mr. Jerry Kinsey, retired Counselor from the Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center, coordinated the college program at HSRC for the past 16 years. Mr. Jamison was a personal lifetime friend of Mr. Kinsey and requested his assistance in setting up a Foundation that would assist students with disabilities and carry on Mr. Jamison’s name.

Mr. Jamison has donated a total of $110,000.00 to National Park College to purchase adaptive equipment for NPC students with disabilities. With these funds the College purchased a Braille printer for the Computing Services Department, amplifier stethoscopes for the Nursing Department, DragonNaturally Speaking voice dictation software, a Franklin Language Master for students with learning disabilities, three lap top computers to institute a note taker program for students with hearing impairments, one Sara Scan and Read standalone machine for the testing center, Zoomtext software for the visually impaired, and Premier Software Licensure for the College for students to utilize with their word processors . In addition, scholarships were given to individual students to pay for tuition, books, and other educational expenses. The total amount of funds donated to the College since 1997 has exceeded $110,000.00

The Phil Jamison Educational Fund has allowed many students with disabilities in the Garland County area to realize their potential. For more information on the Phil Jamison Educational Fund contact: Audrey Smelser at 760-4227.

Recently purchased by NPC and built by Bob Heikes (standing). Marge Brown (student) is demonstrating the table.