Cultural Diversity Awareness Club (CDAC) is an organization at National Park College (NPC) that was developed to provide the members and populous of NPC with a better knowledge of diverse cultures and heritages. This organization also specifies as its purpose to make NPC aware of the needs of the minority student and to ensure that all minority students, if they choose, have a voice in the planning of activities at NPC. We further state as our purpose to establish an organization with which the minority students can identify. The full purpose and goals of CDAC can be found in The Constitution Of The Cultural Diversity Awareness Club.

2018 Officer Team

 CDAC 2018 Officers Cory Morris, Melissa Krafft, Katlen Lawson.

      • CDAC President, Melissa Krafft
      • CDAC Vice-President, Cory Morris
      • CDAC  Recorder/Treasurer, Katlen Lawsen
      • CDAC Reporter/Historian, Lorena Fitzpatrick

From Left to Right: Cory Morris, Melissa Krafft, Katlen Lawsen. Not pictured is Lorena Fitzpatrick.

Calendar Events

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