Dr. John Hogan Honored At Retirement Celebration

People standing in a room, two holding a plaque.National Park College (NPC) hosted a retirement celebration in honor of Dr. John Hogan, NPC’s fourth president. The event took place Friday, June 21, at 2 p.m. in the Student Commons Conference Center.

Darla Thurber, Vice President for Student Affairs delivered the opening remarks.

The program featured speakers from both the Arkansas House of Representatives and the state’s community colleges. Notable presentations included,

Arkansas House of Representatives and Senate Citations:

  • Rep. Richard McGrew
  • Rep. Bruce Cozart
  • Rep. Les Warren
  • Senator Alan Clark

AR Community Colleges:

  • Executive Director Andrea Henderson
  • Senior Policy Director Dr. Collin Calloway

The celebration continued with heartfelt remarks from individuals who have known and worked closely with Dr. Hogan, including,

  • Joyce Craft, Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Forrest Spicher, Board of Trustees member
  • Jim Steck, friend
  • Thomas Glover, friend
  • Josh Hogan, Dr. Hogan’s son

Hogan expressed his gratitude and shared memories of his impactful career. As the event concluded, the incoming president and current Vice President for Advancement and Government Relations, Dr. Wade Derden, offered closing remarks that emphasized Dr. Hogan’s lasting legacy and contributions to education.

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