CHI Donates To Nursing And Health Sciences Programs

People standing behind a table with medical equipment on it.National Park College (NPC) received a donation of supplies from CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs for the Nursing and Health Science programs. NPC maintenance staff picked up the donation from CHI St. Vincent last Wednesday.

The supplies included various medical equipment and materials, such as catheters, disposable gowns, waterproof pads, and gloves.

Laura McAnally, Nurse Excellence Manager and Magnet Program Director at CHI St. Vincent explained the donation was a result of a cleaning effort by her education department.

McAnally said, “I have an absolutely amazing education department!. As we were going into the new year, our team was organizing our supplies and realized we had supplies we could no longer use. So, they reached out to me with the suggestion to donate them to National Park College for the nursing students.”

McAnally added, “Our patients consist of visitors passing through Hot Springs, but most are the people in our community. We care for all of them as though they are our own family. Being able to give our future nurses more resources to be the best they can be just means the world to us. We know these resources will lead to giving our patients the best care possible.”

Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences, Janice Ivers said, “CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs has generously contributed to the advancement of healthcare education at National Park College by donating essential medical supplies. This commendable act of philanthropy specifically targets four out of the seven nursing and allied health programs, providing invaluable resources for hands-on training and skill development. The collaboration between CHI St. Vincent and National Park College exemplifies a commitment to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals, fostering a positive impact on the quality of education and healthcare within the community.”

Mandy Davis, Community Outreach Director for CHI St. Vincent said, “CHI St. Vincent, working in conjunction with NPC on this medical donation and others, supports student success and gives us an opportunity to live our mission. NPC students are the future of healthcare. CHI St. Vincent envisions a healthier future for all of us, inspired by faith, driven by innovation, and powered by our humanity.”