Elisabeth D. Wagner Foundation Helps Fund Emergency Preparedness

Two people holding red bags that say NPC Building Captain.The National Park College (NPC) Health and Safety Team have purchased emergency response bags and supplies with a grant from the Elisabeth D. Wagner Foundation completing the first phase of a plan to equip all campus buildings and employee led response teams.

The grant provided campus building captains in every building on campus with essential supplies for emergency situations. Campus building captains are not trained first responders, but employees who have volunteered to help coordinate evacuation, shelter in place, and lockdown procedures for their buildings. The emergency bags are equipped with essential safety and security necessities including: a CPR mask, tourniquet, campus map, a list of AEDs and first-aid kit locations, and more.

“The ultimate goal is to provide each building captain with these supplies and the grant from the Elisabeth D. Wagner Foundation has allowed us to make the first stride toward that by supplying one to each building. The supplies within each building captain emergency response bag are meant to be used by these employee leaders during the time before first responders arrive to the scene of an emergency,” said Jessica Ellis, NPC Health and Safety Program Manager.

The Health and Safety Team are working with community partners to provide training to all employees and students, including CPR/First Aid and Stop the Bleed. “The goal is to train and equip as many people on campus with the skills and materials they might need to ensure their own safety and the safety of others at NPC,” added Ellis.