Schroeder Earns The Ray and Willodene Donathan Scholarship

Sam Schroeder headshotNational Park College (NPC) student Sam Schroeder was recently awarded the Ray and Willodene Donathan Scholarship. He is completing his Associate of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics degree in computer gaming and animation design to transfer to Southern Arkansas University.

Though currently on the gaming and animation path, Schroeder holds an interest in the cybersecurity track. “I really like the creative aspect of all computer science stuff but also kind of the structure and logical aspect of it,” said Schroeder.

Though this is his first semester at NPC, Schroeder said he enjoys his teachers, the environment NPC offers and finds the campus to be friendly and welcoming.

Assistant Computer Science professor Candace Speers Terry said, “Samuel is the quiet, smart type. Reserved, but not afraid to answer questions in front of the class. He's attentive, analytical and well spoken. He's also shown himself to be proactive by preparing for class content and taking advantage of lab time to work and ask questions in class. He is very deserving of the scholarship.”

Schroeder said his original plan was to go straight to a four-year university, but his faith led him to stay closer to home. He expressed appreciation to the Donathan family, “I just wanted to thank you for this gift that will help enable me to grow closer to God and get my education.”