NPC Welding Students Build Goals For YMCA

Four students standing behind soccer goal that they welded.NPC Welding students constructed soccer goals for the Hot Springs YMCA this semester.

NPC Welding instructor Jeffery Estright learned about the need for youth soccer goals while coaching his daughter’s soccer game. YMCA sports director, Ana Love asked if he could build three permanent soccer goals.

Estright said the project was a great community service project for his students. He saw this as an opportunity to teach his students the value of their skills as welders in the community.

“Years from now all of these kids are going to use what we built. Maybe years from now when you all have kids playing in this league, you can say I built that,” said Estright.

When Estright was asked which students contributed to this project, he said it was a group effort but Hudson Campbell, Brandon Lloyd, Brian Arnold, and Carlos Alvarado contributed the most time to the project.

Lloyd said, “We got to help someone else while we’re in school, you don’t always get a chance to help someone else, so it’s nice.”

Pictured left to right: Brian Arnold, Carlos Alvarado, Brandon Lloyd, and Jeffrey Estright.