NPC Presents Emergency Preparedness Training

Thomas Gage standing behind a podium with a white screen to the side with a fire extinguisher displayed.The National Park College (NPC) Health and Safety office hosted a training on severe weather and disaster preparedness as well as fire extinguisher training. Thomas Gage, who serves as the emergency preparedness coordinator for Child Care Aware of West Central Arkansas, presented the session.

Gage provided essential information to follow during and after a potential disaster and severe weather such as extreme heat, droughts, flooding, fire or other disasters.

While using a fire extinguisher, Gage encouraged the use of the PASS method, pull, aim, squeeze and sweep. He also noted that there are different types of extinguishers depending on what type of fire you are battling. Lastly, he suggested checking your fire extinguisher for any damage or rust to the metal as that could alter the reliability of the extinguisher, as well as checking for cracks in the hose and checking the pressure gauge.