Ford Awarded The Kristy Carter Book Scholarship

Headshot of Yolanza FordNational Park College (NPC) student Yolonza Ford was recently awarded the Kristy Carter Book Scholarship. Ford is seeking an Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Ford plans to transfer to the University of Arkansas Fort Smith to complete her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree. She plans to become a crime scene technician.

Kristy Carter is an NPC alumna. She created the Kristy Carter Book scholarship in 2020 because she felt that it was time to give back to her community. To qualify for the scholarship, the student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, be an African American woman who is overcoming obstacles while pursuing her education and plan to transfer to a four-year college. Ford is the second recipient of the scholarship.

Ford said her journey with NPC began while she was in high school. She was able to experience hands-on learning in the high school Criminal Justice program at the National Park Technology Center. “It helped me get closer to my instructors and helped me get closer to the degree plan I chose today,” said Ford. “NPC is a college where you can experience, learn, and take new journeys as you start to prepare yourself for your future accomplishments.”

“This scholarship is allowing me to further my education and leading me to greater things that I can achieve in my career,” stated Ford. “I am truly grateful and blessed to be receiving this scholarship on behalf of NPC. I am very thankful to my professors who helped guide me throughout many semesters!”

Assistant professor of art Lana Taliaferro stated, “As a student in my Art Appreciation course, I was impressed by Yolonza's work ethic and commitment to her education. Yolonza was the type of student who completed assignments more than once in order to grow, excel, and submit the very best work she can. She committed a great deal of time outside of class to her studies and did not shy away from hard work and required extra hours. She was a pleasure to have in my course.”