Swim Awarded The Elisabeth Wagner Scholarship

Tina Swim headshotNational Park College student Tina Swim was awarded the Elisabeth Wagner Arts and Communications Scholarship. She is seeking an Associate of Arts degree.

The scholarship is part of the Elisabeth Wagner grant. The award amount of $500 can be used towards tuition, books and fees.

Swim’s husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer in August 2019. She realized she needed a better career to provide support for herself and their son. While her husband is now cancer free, she decided to continue her education.

NPC is not only close to home for Swim, but she appreciates that many of her classes are offered online. “Online classes are important because I need to be home to care for our son and grandson. My husband is now fully disabled because of the cancer surgeries and because of his injuries sustained during his time in the Marine Corps,” said Swim.

“NPC means, to me, the potential to elevate my current financial circumstances for the future. This scholarship is enough to pay for the books necessary for my classes. I am truly grateful for this blessing,” Swim added.

Ashley Taylor, assistant professor of mathematics said, “Tina was the energy and heartbeat of the class. She was lighthearted, understanding, and engaging with her fellow students and myself. Her work was excellent and she never settled for less than 100% even when it was not what she considered her best subject. I gladly support her in receiving this scholarship and I am excited to see what the future brings for Tina!”