Kelley Awarded Machine Tool Tech Scholarship

Nathaniel Kelley head shotNational Park College student Nathaniel Kelley was recently awarded the Machine Tool Tech scholarship. Kelley recently completed National Park Technology Center’s high school machine tool technology program. He will begin the welding program in the fall of 2021.

Kelley became interested in welding and machinery when he realized he enjoyed piecing items together. “It’s the best of both, the CNC makes the pieces and the welder puts them together,” he said.

He is most interested in underwater welding which would allow him to work on oil rigs, ships or underwater fabrication. “Underwater welding offers financial stability for the future,” said Kelley.

Dale Powell, NPTC’s machine tool technology instructor said, “Nathaniel is a conscientious, meticulous and thorough student which is the exact characteristics of a great machinist.”

“This scholarship means I can focus on learning instead of worrying about finances,” added Kelley.