Maxey, NPC Geology Students Publish Lab Manual

George Maxey, NPC Geology professor, teaching class. National Park College (NPC) professor Dr. George Maxey and his geology students recently published the "Physical Geology Laboratory Manual." Maxey said the effort was a five-year project that began because he hoped to reduce the cost of course materials for students in the Geology class. “When I first started teaching here almost six years ago, I noticed that the students were paying nearly $200 for their textbook, then they were paying about $125 for their lab manual,” he noted.

Maxey decided he would create his own lab manual and allow the students to participate in the process as a learning experience. Students helped select, evaluate and edit the manual’s content, as well as the publication’s design and layout. The new manual includes a walking tour to demonstrate the geology of the campus. “We talk about how the geology is used and this involves them where they live,” he shared.

The effort resulted in a manual that is approximately one-third the cost and much more relevant to local geology. “There wasn’t really a lot of things in the lab manual that really focused on where they live here in Arkansas.” Maxey said students wanted laboratory work within their own area.

“I was really pleased after several years and lots of students going over this. I think we came up with a pretty good product,” said Maxey. He explained he is gifting the copyright of the publication to the College so it may continue to be used in the future.

All of the students who assisted with the publication were listed as co-contributors including Rose Baghestani, Alex Clark, Gavin Collins, Lexi Crone, Colten Dean, Justin Erickcon, Branddon Hargrove, Amy Heathcock, Trevor Hockett, Laphonzo Kirkendoll, Amanda Lambright, Isabelle Mears, Mary Mote, Christopher Reyna, Hannah Rice, Tyler Robertson, Cesar Valdez, Edgar Valdez, Aaron Whitt and Mason Tabor (cover design).